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The 21st Night of Ramadhan

SHAFAQNA- According to Hadith, Laylatul Qadr is either on the 19th, 21st or 23rd night of Ramadhan. More emphasis is laid on the 21st and the 23rd, particularly the 23rd.
The A`maal for this night are:
1. The common A`maal for the three nights of Qadr, including:
a) Ghusl.
b) Namaz Two rak`aat namaz; in each rak`ah after Surah al¬Hamd recite Surah
al¬Ikhlas  7 times.
c) Tasbih.
Say 100 times:
‘Astaghfirullaaha Rabbee Wa¬atoobu Ilayh’
I seek forgiveness of Allah, and I turn (repentant) to Him.
d) Ziyarat of Imam Hussein
e) Dua of Jawshane Kabeer is recommended on this night.
f) Ziyarat of Ameenullah.
2. Munajat of Imam `Ali (a):
This is because Imam Ali was injured this night by the sword of Ibn-e-Mojlam (May Allah Curse be upon him). Our beloved Imam Ali (a.s) Suffered in pain for 2 night and was buried in Najaaf on 21st Ramadhan.
3. Last ten night duas:
From this night onwards, the Dua for the last ten nights is recited every night. Also, there is a special Dua for each of the last ten nights.
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