The advice of Imam Baqer (AS) to believers

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Imam Baqer (AS) advising Jaber ibn Yazid Joa’fi, said: O’ Jaber, in relation to people, remember 5 points and act on them.

1. If they did injustice to you; do not commit injustice to them
2. If they betrayed you; do not betray them
3. If they lied to you; do not lie to them
4. If they praise you; do not rejoice
5. If they reproach or taunt you; do not reciprocate and do not worry about it.

Imam (AS) continued by saying:  Either these bad deeds exist in you or not. If they exist in you, you must try hard to remove them from yourself and if they do not exist in you then you have reserved a lot of rewards for yourself.
Then, Imam Baqer (AS) added: Conform yourself with the holy Quran, if you are truly on the right path and others reproach you, you should not fear or worry, be happy and steadfast on the right path [1].

[1] Tohafol Oqool, Page 291-292.

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