The American Dream: Asleep at the wheel or Berning for change?

SHAFAQNA – How exactly is America figuring its way through this Presidential election? I’d say they’re asleep at the wheel with a lead foot on the throttle.

The real reason that the Trump campaign is polling so well is that he has obliterated the artificial distinction between American pop culture and politics that has precariously held up before now. There has been a monumental vulgarisation of American society in the last 30 years: everything from talk radio shock jocks to toilet humour cartoons, from the rhythmic jibbering of music non-artists to the pestilent omnipresence of reality television. The masses are now bringing the guardians of good taste in politics and academia to their knees and demanding that coarseness, under the guise of plain talking, be a prerequisite for political office. This is a social shift that has little to do with disquietude about neoliberalism and the decline of social mobility. It is what happens to a society that has given up on educating its children to be their better selves, to cultivate ‘sweetness and light’ in their lives and instead to focus on achievement and self-promotion.

What purpose, in such a society of duelling alpha dogs, do niceties about politeness and considerate behaviour serve? None that I can see. America was built on the effective exploitation of massive resources. So was Britain via the Empire. There was a nod to democracy but mostly it was monopolies, gangsters, corruption and organised exploitation of the poor that got cities, stately homes and farms built. It’s also how the developing world is being built today. The American dream is an unsustainable myth. It requires constant growth to feed it. Someone needs to take a look at what a real sustainable life looks like when applied equally to 7 Billion people globally. It won’t be pretty and I doubt anyone is going to vote for it.

Maybe this is the only way to explain why swathes of the American public are voting for extremes in this Presidential election.

The American Dream was dead when voters put in Ronald Reagan who began the destruction. Then the Bush boys, first the father than the son. The voters are to blame and then they sit and whine and now want a racist, bigoted hateful embarrassment to humanity to fix it

There is only one: total global institutional reform. I figured this out long ago, and I can assure you, I did not go to Harvard. Sanders would back such an endeavour. Trump? I’ll be polite and just say no, he wouldn’t.

But Sanders has the same problem every socialist minded, left leaning liberal will face in today’s age: compromising in the face of right wing adversity.Sander’s ability to get legislation through a Republican controlled House of Representatives would be somewhere between zero and infinitesimal.

Ditto for his chances of appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court when the Republicans would, at the very least, have sufficient Senate votes to block anyone they don’t like.

He’d be a busted flush before he ever took the oath of office and that’s coming from someone who would vote for him.

But it’s positive that America is willing to bet on the outsider. Why? Perhaps the greatest failure of the present US government was its unwillingness to ensure that vast amounts of money make its way into the hands of consumers, instead of the banking elite on Wall Street who used it primarily to gamble on commodities, real estate, and the stock market. An endless supply of money given to the very rich to make themselves even richer.

No real thought here to improve the real physical economy and create jobs for the middle class. It’s so strikingly clear by this example how our present financial system is so lopsided to favour the rich as opposed to the rest of us. And our government and both Parties over the last 30 years have been complicit with this. Thus the appeal of the outsiders, Trump and Sanders.

There is an implicit belief in humans that the future must inherently be better, but the experience of the last 30+ years of neo-liberalism has destroyed that faith. It is really starting to look like the post-war boom in the West was a once-off historical blip, never to be repeated and social relations will return to the historical norm – a fixed hierarchy between a rich minority oligarchy and permanently-supplicant masses. This is a scary prospect and rightfully scares those staring into their futures which look ever worse.

If we get angry enough quickly enough we may just be able to stop this descent. That is why it’s so satisfying watching Americans flock to Sanders and Trump; its looking like the people are waking from their slumber. However one of the most confounding reasons for the triumph of the right has been the shift of loyalty by the working classes away from their Labourite roots. How did the oligarchy lure the people to support them? Was it the promise of aspiration? The lure of joining the middle class as property investors/speculators? Were they abandoned by the elites of the Left who swamped them with political correctness and socially engineered diversity (rubbed into their noses?).

The reaction we’re witnessing is not just against the Right/Corporatism – it is also against the Establishment Left. It appears that the money train from Wall Street to the White House has only one rider, Clinton. Bernie is getting his in small unmarked bills from the ordinary citizens and Trump is probably going to spend his own money. The supporters of both have been and will continue voting with their middle fingers. And one can hardily blame them. Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, and Christie both have/had millions to spend and to the chagrin of their money lenders, none is able to keep up with Trump in motivating voters to move to his camp.

Money ain’t everything, and for those who decry the amount in this election cycle, look no further than the burning Bush that fell by the wayside. Hillary will continue to get the black vote and Wall Street money, but that isn’t going to get her to the White House. Those young voters recognize a false goddess when they hear one, and I suspect they will either switch to Trump or stay home when push comes to shove.

Does Jean-Marie Le Pen feel left out the American Dream? There is no excuse for supporting Trump, if you support Trump find a mirror, take a good look at yourself, and say “How did my life get to this? I must and will try harder to be a better human being.” and then go out and vote Sanders, it’s not too late.

By Saurav Dutt  – This article was published first in the American Herald Tribune

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