The amount of maintenance (Nafaqah)/the Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s Fatwa

SHAFAQNA – According to religious laws, there is no definite amount set for Wajib maintenance (a husband’s provision for wife), but the Wajib amount provides for food, clothes, housing, and other needs equal to wife’s status and according to the present time and the place. The one whose maintenance is the Wajib responsibility of another person, if that person refuses to pay for the maintenance, he can be forced to pay by referring the dispute to the ruler (authority) of the time even if the ruler is oppressive, and if she cannot get to her rights, whenever there is any wealth/assets in her possession, with the permission of the religious authority can take from that to the amount needed, and if that is also not possible, with the permission of the religious ruler, can obtain loans on behalf of the person who is responsible for payment of Wajib maintenance, which he will be obliged to pay back that loan. And whenever going to the ruler generally is not possible, refer to some just and righteous believers so they can borrow for her and the person, who refuses to pay for maintenance, must pay back the loan.


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