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The art of saying nothing – How Donald Trump is fanning hate on nothing but air

Donald Trump

SHAFAQNA – Well know for his xenophobic remark against Mexicans, Muslims, and more generally all people of colours, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has mastered the art of saying nothing while delivering empty platitudes – letting his audience fill the blanks with their own incensed hatred and bigotry.

No more than a conduit for all things despicable, and hateful, Donald Trump has managed to garner a veritable army of supporters to his political psychosis, very much a mirror to the devolution America as become under the influence of neocons.

In an interview with  ABC’s This Week, host Jonathan Karl asked the GOP front-runner explicitly about his recent calls for internment camps for Muslims. Following is an excerpt of the conversation:

KARL: So let me ask you, you said that Islam is at war with us. A lot of people wonder, given some of your proposals, whether or not you would go the next step towards internment camps. And I know you’ve never proposed that. But let me just ask you here now, would you categorically rule out the idea of internment camps for American Muslims? 

TRUMP: — rule it out but we would have to be very vigilant. We’re going to have to be very smart. We’re going to have to be very rigid and very vigilant. And if we’re not very, very strong and very, very smart, we have a big, big problem coming up. We’ve already had the problem. Check out the World Trade Center, OK, check out the Pentagon. We’ve already had the problem. But I would — I would say you have to be extremely strong. You have to keep your eyes open.

And by the way, Muslims in our country have to report bad acts, OK?

Note the rhetoric used by Trump … not exactly what anyone would call eloquent! Never mind the fact that no real information or data are ever used to back his allegations. Again,Trump’s only fuel is fear.

The simple fact that America’s public seems to be falling in line behind him should serve as a reminder of how easily crowds can be manipulated.


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