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The assassination of the Bahraini leadership in “Daash” Ahmad Shehab and global fugitive

SHAFAQNA – a Bahraini belonging to organize “Daash” Mohammed Benali Announced Tuesday the killing of Bahraini and the  global fugitive Ahmed Shihab. Benali said via his own account as “Twitter”: “we knew he was a lover of the Islamic state and its soldiers, did not prove him otherwise even cited the martyrdom of God’s mercy Ahmad Shehab of Bahrain.”

On his part, said Abu Kassim Usaimi “The Shahab-appointed officially to work outside of the base in Afghanistan, making American looking for him strongly,” Asaf Usaimi and that “the story of his death has entered two of a fraternity houses, including Abdullah was nothingness, and the bombing of the house and came out alive, pointing out that he was arrested spy who put the slide in the house, which killed Shehab and he was hanged.

The Bahraini Interior Ministry announced in 2012 for the inclusion of the State Department of Ahmed Abdul Rahman Shehab Ahmed Shehab under the list of global terrorism came on charges of joining a terrorist group based outside the country, the purpose of committing hostile acts against a foreign state. The Director General of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and the evidence that Shihab was sentenced in absentia in 2009, he was sentenced to five years from the High Criminal Court, the first in Bahrain. The Director-General of the Criminal Investigation and it was circular citizen with Arab member states in the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers and the Arab Bureau of Criminal Police Organization and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) since the date of the judgment in 2009.

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