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The Baqee Org. reclaims Islam against Wahhabism

SHAFAQNA – A US-based Shia Muslims NGO, the Baqee Organization is determined to rise a voice against religious radicalism, as expressed by Wahhabism. Since Wahhabism was born – 18th century, the Islamic world has seen over 7000 of its holy sites desecrated.

On the anniversary of the destruction of al-Baqee cemetery, the Baqee Org. has taken its protest to the Saudi Embassy demanding for Islam to be heard, demanding for Justice to be served, and Tyranny to be ended.

Following the Baqee Organization’s message to al-Saud:


To the rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We, the sons and daughters of Islam,

We, the oppressed

We, whom you call apostates,

We, whom you call Rafidis, call on you to wash the shame which has befallen your land.

Wahhabism we say, can no longer be since its name, its ideology and the very religious tradition it claims has brought up but destruction and humiliation onto the world.

Here today, in this moment we ask you: “How much more of Islam will you claim sons of Nejd? How many more walls will you tear down before you sit yourself satisfied?”

Our patience is already spent O sons of Nejd … our patience indeed you have claimed too much of.

Silent we will be no more as you destroy what our Prophet and our Imams left for us to treasure,

Our history you will claim no more sons of Saud! However mighty your house we follow a House mightier still. We follow the only House there is to follow as we remember O sons of Nejd what oath our prophet held us to.

We remember O sons of Nejd whose leadership it is we were told to bind ourselves to, and forever follow.

You say not their names, for you fear the power within them.

You say not their names but in our lips they will remain.

You say not their names for you are not of the followers

Let me tell you their names since you have forgotten the oath given.

They are Ali ibn Abu Talib, Fatimah bint Muhammad, Hasan ibn Ali, Husayn ibn Ali, Zaynab bint Ali, they are our Imams, they are our tradition, they are the true sons and daughters of Islam, they are the House.

Learn their names O sons of Saud since it is their shrines, and their legacy you have worked to disappear and sully.

Learn of your infamy for you are of those who betray.

Learn of your treachery, since you call yourself the Custodian.

Today, here, in this moment we are reclaiming the Truth …

What you have destroyed, we shall rebuild, what you have stolen, we shall restore and our mosques and shrines consecrate once more.

In Baqee our lady’s resting place, in Baqee we shall return to say our prayers, and her name in peace we shall say once more.

History will not be kind O sons of Nejd for blood is on your hands.

In war you came to be, in blood you learn to be, a heretic you grow to be!

Wahhabism we say can be no more.






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