The basic duties of officials in the Islamic society according to Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) wrote to Malik Ashtar: O’ Malik, make your heart understand the kindness, mercy and compassion towards the people [in a way that it understands it, not just as an idea]. Do not be like a cruel animal who finds the opportunity to eat them; because people are in two kinds; either they are your brothers in religion or like you in creation (fellow creatures) [1].

After Moawieh attacked the town of Anbar, Imam Ali (AS) wrote: I have been informed that men from that army attacked Muslim women as well as non-Muslim women who are protected in Islamic societies. They have been robbed them of their jewelleries whilst they were helpless; they could do nothing but the cruel army returned victorious with plenty of things without an injury to any of them.

If after this harrowing event, a Muslim man dies from sorrow, he will not be blamed for it. In fact, in my opinion, the death of a Muslim as a result of this unfortunate event is right and appropriate [2]. In his letter to his representative in Basrah, Othman ibn Haneef, Imam Ali (AS) wrote: Should I be content that it is said: This is the Commander of the believers (Amiral Momeneen) but do not take part in the difficulties of life with them? Or not to be their role model in difficulties of life [3]?

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 53.
[2] As above, Sermon 27.
[3] As above, Letter 47.

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