The basis for assessing people


SHAFAQNA – Prior to the Jamal War, a man called Hareth ibn Hout looked at the leaders of the two opposite armies and saw on one side, Imam Ali (AS) and his noble companions and the other side, famous people like Talheh, Zubair and Ayeshah and he was confused as who was right. Hareth came to Imam Ali (AS) and discussed his problem with Imam (AS) and asked: Is it possible that Muslims like Zubair and Talheh be on the wrong path? How is it possible for these people to be wrong and go astray?

In fact Hareth considered the records of these people as the basis for his assessment of them. Imam Ali (AS) replied: Hareth, you have not been astute and have not looked deep, and you have been wandering; you have neither recognised the truth to know who are the followers of the truth, nor recognised the untruth to know who are the followers of the untruth [1, 2].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Wisdom 262.
[2] Rosatul Wa’edheen, Page 31.


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