The bizarre myths behind birthmarks are superstition


The cause of a bunch of skin lesions called birth mark are genetic disorders in the blood vessels.

The word birth mark dating back to the history of mankind. For a long time many diseases , physical changes and skin’s problem had unknown reasons and unfortunately, many people are misinformed about birthmarks due to many of the superstitions surrounding these common skin blemishes.

It has been said that when women had been pregnant looks at solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, sometimes the skin changes are due to the curse or damn witches. In fact, all of them are not logic and birthmarks are caused by overgrowth of blood vessels.

What is the cause of these birth mark?

The cause of a bunch of skin lesions called birth mark are genetic disorders in the blood vessels. Parents usually do have no symptoms of skin disorders but may be their children have this problem.

It generally involves the patient’s face, although there is also the possibility of other parts of body.

The bones of the affected area  if the extent of the patient’s extremities (hands and feet) is reached, they may be too large , thick and deformed.

Salmon Patch

Capillary abnormalities are two major categories spots salmon and port-wine stain.

The pink patches in the middle of the forehead and over the left eye are salmon patches. Also known as nevus simplex or “angel kisses”, these are a common capillary malformations that are present at birth.

They are located on the forehead, eyelids, tip of the nose, or upper lip or “stork bites” on the back of the neck. Stork bites appear on 30 to 50 percent of newborn babies and usually persist into adulthood, but are often covered by hair once it grows in as the child ages. Angel’s kisses most often fade as the infant grows and will go away by age two.

What is a port-wine stain?

Port-wine stains are red or purple marks, often on the face. They are caused by a localised area of abnormal blood vessels (capillaries). Port-wine stains vary in size from a few millimetres across to many centimetres. Their colour can vary from pale red to deep purple. If left untreated, port-wine stains tend to darken over the years as the blood flow through them becomes more sluggish.

How birth mark is diagnosed?

Port-wine stains are usually diagnosed on sight as their appearance is so typical. Occasionally scans and other tests are required to rule out some of the other complications such as brain and eye involvement.

Port-wine stains may improve with time but never disappear completely. Laser treatment is usually the treatment of choice for port-wine stains, especially in children.

How is it treated?

Therapeutic approach is important in the treatment of skin lesions.

Most birthmarks are harmless and do not require treatment. Pigmented marks can resolve on their own over time in some cases. Vascular birthmarks may require reduction or removal for cosmetic reasons. Treatments include administering oral or injected steroids, dermatological lasers to reduce size and/or color, or dermatologic surgery.

It should be emphasized that the bleaching creams and topical medications  do not have any effect on the treatment of skin lesions.

Laser treatment can cause bruising or bleeding in the treated area which these effects will disappear over time.

Another laser called ATP and ND YAG is used in the treatment of vascular problems.

In the case of Sturge Weber syndrome cases, to control seizures with antiepileptic drugs as well as the permanent care of the eyes of glaucoma.

Does sunlight has any effect on birth mark?

The sunlight effect on the skin’s lesion. Lesions caused by blood vessels become more prominent with age, but it is recommended that they should take care of these areas in front of sunlight.

The effect of topical medications on the birth mark

It should be emphasized that the bleaching creams and topical medications  do not have any effect on the treatment of skin lesions. It may be a waste of time to treatment of damages with creams and topical products, and patient for a reasonable opportunity to  a correct treatment of the disease must visit a doctor. Surgical treatment has no role in the control and treatment of these lesions.

What are the benefits of oral medications?

About the effects of drugs on the creation or expansion of birth mark, these drugs do not have any effect and as it said before it caused by genetic factors.

However, in some limited cases the physician may prescribe oral corticosteroids (cortisone) in a short-term treatment of skin lesions that most cases are related to involve the eye and the conjunctiva after these step  the drug must be discontinued.

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