The Booming Market of Stress


By S.Kalati

Summer has just arrived and it can be a season full of joy and liveliness for many. However, did you know that these long and shiny days which despite cloudy days are not bleak and provide people with sufficient time to do their errands may cause stress or even exacerbate it in some people?

As results of a new study on people’s psychological state in summer show 33% of Americans are seriously stressed out in the hot months of summer rather other seasons of the year, Prevention Magazine reported.

It would seem surprising for us, but the fact is that 33% of Americans have said that they experience stressful summers or at least their stress in summer time is more than other days of the year. Although finding scientific reasons for this phenomenon would be impossible in first place, researchers have found convincing explanation for this feeling.

One reason for further stressful days in summer is that we have busier social lives at this time of the year, with we have to deal with more issues. There’s stress in planning trips, even for a short trip. Another reason is kids are out of school, which puts all kinds of new scheduling pressure on parents and more importantly finding a proper school for the next year. Moreover, summer is a time when tenants start to search and move into new houses. Experiencing this kind of movement only for one time is enough to let you know how stressful it would be for all members of a family.  And, of course, don’t forget ongoing seasonal allergy symptoms, which make everything harder.

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