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The common feature of the birth of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and Prophet Moses (AS)

SHAFAQNA – Lady Hakimah, the daughter of Imam Jawaad (AS) and the sister of Imam Hadi (AS) narrated: I was asked by Imam Hassan Askari (AS) to help with the childbirth of Lady Narjes Khatoon (the mother of Imam Mahdi (AJ)). I went to lady Narjes Khatoon and after examining her, saw no sign of pregnancy in her. Therefore, I reported this to Imam Askari (AS).

Imam (AS) smiled and said: At the time of Dawn, the signs of pregnancy will be appeared to you because she (Lady Narjes Khatoon) is like the mother of Moses (AS) where the signs of pregnancy has not appeared in her and no one until the time of the birth will be aware of it because searching for Moses (AS), Pharaoh opened the stomach of pregnant women, and this is like the birth of Moses (AS) [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 51, Page 13.

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