The consequence of dealing with Satan

SHAFAQNA – If a person deals with Satan, the whole of the identity of that individual will be captured by Satan and Satan will ride him. In this type of trade, what is given by Satan in exchange is slavery of the human being. It is mentioned in Ayah 62 of Surah Al-Asra: “Have You considered this human being above me? If you allow me until the Day of Resurrection, I shall bring all but a few of his children under my mastery.”

Meanings, I (Satan) need to ride, I will deceive them with a few sins, with lusts and with rage, I will trap them. When I trapped them, they become my absolute property and when this happened, then they are at my service and they do, what I want from them. Satan wants to ride and it is not possible to return when a person becomes the slave of Satan. As you can see, some say whatever we try we cannot return, we cannot, because we are trapped.

Explanations by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in Qom on 15/02/2011.

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