The effect of a gift from Imam Reza (AS)

SHAFAQNA – Debel Khazaie, read a poem in the presence of Imam Reza (AS) and afterwards asked Imam (AS) to give him one of his clothes and Imam (AS) gave him one of his clothes. When Debel returned from Khorasan to his home town (Shoshtar) noticed that one of the ladies in his house had a very bad wound in her eyes. Doctors visited her and managed to cure one eye but could not find a cure for the other.
Debel was upset about this event and suddenly remembered Imam Reza’s (AS) gift and robbed a piece of Imam’s clothes on the eye and left it on the eye overnight. The following morning, when the piece of clothes was removed, her eye was cured and no sign of wound could be seen [1].

[1] Safinatul Behar, Vol. 1, page 448.

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