The effect of avoiding anger

SHAFAQNA – A man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said: O’ the prophet of Allah (SWT), advise me; the Prophet (PBUH) said: Go and do not get angry. That man replied: That is enough for me and then went towards his tribe. Suddenly fighting started in his tribe and Muslims confronted each other. When that man saw the situation, he armed himself and joined other warriors.
Then that man remembered what the Prophet (PBUH) had told him about avoiding anger. He put his weapon down and went to those who opposed his tribe and said: O’ people, I will compensate for any traceless injuries and deaths which may have occurred to your people. When the opposing tribe heard his peaceful speech, they said: We do not want compensation although we deserve it. Then they made peace and the hatred was removed from those tribes [1].

[1] Safinatul Behar, Vol.2, Page 320, narrated from Osul Kafi, Baab Qadhab.

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