The effects of greed

SHAFAQNA – If a human being wishes to have the enjoyments and possessions of this world more than necessary and in a greedy way, as he/she is collecting the worldly goods and assets, gradually the heart will be attracted towards the world and the world becomes a target for that person. This is dangerous because means and facilities are transferred into goals. the other effect is that wanting more will mislead a person, as human being intrinsically will never be satisfied with what he/she has already gathered from the worldly possessions. If a person directs his/her intrinsic greediness into wanting more of the world, then this will lead that person out of the right path. In fact intrinsic greediness is for ascend and not for descend. Intrinsic greediness can be used to develop existence and attain accompolishment [1].

[1] Translated from Farsi version of Rasa’el-e-Bandegy by Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 155.

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