The effects of opposing desires

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Allah (SWT) said: Swear to My glory and magnificence that no servant of God prefers his/her wishes to Mine unless I appoint My angels to guard him/her and allocate the skies and the earths as guarantors of his/her sustenance and look after him/her in any trade and make the world come to him (in humiliation) [1].

In this regard, Imam Ali (AS) said: Indeed, the soul always commands badly. Therefore, whoever lets it (the soul) go (like the wild horse), it will rush him/her to sins [2]. Imam Kazim (AS) also said: Whenever there are two tasks in front of you and you do not know which one is better, see which one is closer to your desires; oppose it because there are a lot of hidden rewards in opposing the desires of the soul [3].

[1] Mizanul Hekmah, Vol. 14, Hadith 21535.

[2] As above, Vol. 13, Hadith 20467.

[3] As above, Vol. 14, Hadith 21465.

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