The fangs of colonialism are upon Myanmar

SHAFAQNA – Exceptionalism is fueled by greed!

Oil and gas is the real reason behind capitalist mayhem power-mongering in Myanmar.

A show of force by capitalists with every intention to lay claim to the oil and gas reserves in the Bay of Bengal is behind the Rohingya refugee crisis.

This is terrorism for natural resources.

Let’s put two and two together, shall we?

We ask the question: Is there a connection between the fact that Rohingyas are being driven away from their homes and the possibility of instigation of this refugee crisis due to colonial greed applying divide and conquer strategy to gain access to natural resources such as oil?


This article states that Myanmar has offshore gas reserves; Myanmar offshore exploration continues despite low oil prices

We already have the colonialist dracula attacking Iraq, Syria, and recently also Yemen.

Now, the fangs of colonialism is upon Myanmar.

Myanmar is currently still under attack because it is rich in oil and colonialist forces covet it.”

By Naj Hussain for Shafaqna

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