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The generosity of Imam Hussain (AS)

SHAFAQNA – A poor man came to see Imam Hussain (AS) and asked him for help. Imam Hussain (AS) asked: What can I do? That man replied: I have accepted the liability for one Diyeh (blood money), but I have no means of paying it, please help me, otherwise I will be ruined. Imam Hussain (AS) said: Look brother, I heard from my grandfather, the Prophet of Allah (SWT) who said: Good deed and charity must be proportional to knowledge. Now I will ask you three questions, if you answer them all correctly, I will pay for Diyeh which you are liable for; and if you answer two correctly, two third, and if you answer one correctly, one third of it.

That man said: You are the source of knowledge, what is expected of me? Anyhow, please ask your questions, if I can, I will answer, otherwise I will learn something from you. Imam Hussain (AS) asked: Do you know what the best and most valuable deed is? That man replied: Having belief in God. Imam (AS) asked: What saves the human being from destruction? That man replied: To trust and rely on God. Imam (AS) asked: What is the best trait for a man? The man replied: Knowledge twinned with patience. Imam (AS) asked: What happens if he does not have it? The man replied: Having wealth twinned with generosity. Imam (AS) asked: What if he does not have that?

That man looked down and thought to himself for a while and then raised his head and said: The poverty twinned with patience. Imam (AS) smiled and said: The last question; what if he even does not have that? The man replied: The best thing is that a thunderbolt from the sky hits him and make him into dust. Imam Hussain (AS) smiled and took the man to his house and in addition to giving thousand dinars, gave the man his ring, and then said: Pay your debts with the money and by selling the ring cover your expenses. Tears of joy gathered in the man’s eyes and he kissed Imam’s hand and embraced Imam Hussain (AS), and at the time of saying goodbye, said: Allah (SWT) knows better where to place the Divine Mission [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, Page 191.

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