The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi’s answer to a question about keeping dogs at home

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardebili answered a question about keeping dogs at home.
Question: What is your view about keeping dogs in apartments, the dogs that are medically healthy and their cleanliness is also cared for?

The Grand Ayatollah Mosavi: All kinds of dogs are unclean (Najis) even if they are medically clean; and considering that they are Najis, and considering the condition of cleanliness in clothes and body for a person who performs Salaat (Taharat), as well as not having any part of the dog’s body (even its hair) on the clothes and the body of the person who performs Salaat, and the noise and nuisance (from the dog) for others, refrain from keeping dogs.


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