The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi: Fast the rest of the month of Shaaban to compensate for days of fasting missed in last Ramadhan

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi Zanjani answered a question about compensating for fasting days missed in last Ramadhan.

Question: In last Ramadhan due to illness I could not fast for ten days and have not compensated for those days yet. Now that it is the month of Shaaban, I intend to travel which means I cannot compensate for all the (missed) fasting days, what is the ruling?

The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi: If the travel is not essential and by not going you will not be in difficulty, you must remain and fast. In any way, if any day of fasting is missed, must pay the poor equal to (900 grams based on the price of wheat) as well as fasting for each day missed.


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