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The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered questions about Salaat of Eidul-Fitr

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered question about how to perform Salaat of Eid-ul Fitr by individuals and the Prayer leader.

Question: How to recite Salaat of Eidul-Fitr in congregation (Jama’ah/Jama’at)?

The Grand Ayatollah Sistani: If it is performed in congregation, it is Mostahab (recommended) and according to Wajib precaution, must be with two sermons (Khotbas).

Question: The sermons of Eidul-Fitr which are for after Salaat; can the congregational Imam (prayer leader) recites them before Salaat of Eid?

The Grand Ayatollah Sistani: Reciting the two sermons before Salaat of Eid is not religiously allowed.


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