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The Grand Ayatollah Sistani asked preachers to introduce the real Islam to people

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Iraq/Najaf – On the approach to the month of Muharram, a group of Shia scholars/preachers met with the Grand Ayatollah Sistani on Tuesday 21 October, the details of the meeting were published on Thursady 23 October by Alsomeria News. In this meeting, the Grand Ayatollah Sistani said: The preachers have a great responsibity as we approach the month of Muharramul Haram. I advise you to encourage people to like each other and be compassionate to one another. He continued by saying that the ethics of Ahlul Bait should be used as a role model to help the poor and needy. He also stressed that the preachers should act on what they preach because that will have the most effect on people. The Grand Ayatollah Sistani emphasised the role of preachers in Muharram and asked them to invite and encourage people to defend all that is sacred to them and explain the ways of Imam Ali (AS) as well as introducing the real Islam to people.

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