The Grand Ayatollah Sistani sends message of condolences to people of Qatif


In the name of Allah (SWT) the most benefficient, the most merciful

Dear people of Qatif

Salaam Alaykum wa Rahmatollah-e-wa Barakatuh

With great sadness and regret I received the news of cruel violation to worshipping brethren in Imam Ali (AS) Mosque in Alqadih area which resulted in the passing away of some and wounding of some others, individuals whose pure bloods were spilt for the cause of following Ahlul Bayt (AS).

We express our condolences and sympathize with you in this great calamity specially with those who lost their loved ones. We ask Allah (SWT) who blessed them by sending their pure souls at the time of prayers on the blessed birthday of Imam Hussain (AS) to Meraj, associate the deceased ones with the one who is born on this day, grant patience to their relatives and grant speedy recovery to those injured, as God is all hearing and accepts prayers.

4th Shaaban 1436 AH

Ali Alhussaini Alsistani

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