The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani: Muslims must unite for the advancement of Islamic goals

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani said in Qom on Monday: Today Da’esh (IS terrorist group) murder innocent people, unfortunately we forget about the constructive aspects of the authentic Islam and need to pay more attention to this phenomenon. He added: Da’esh has forgotten about Israel and entered Islamic countries by bombing the places and killing innocent Muslims which are totally against the ways of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The Grand Ayatollah stressed that any action in life must start in the name of Allah (SWT) and said: the way of Islam is the way of coming together and the value of Muslims is in their friendship and understanding of each other. Muslims through unity and solidarity must try for the advancement of the Islamic goals and objectives.

Source: Fars News

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