The Hijab is forbidden in the Algerian Customs

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Algerian Finance Minister Mohammad Gulab which fall under the authority of the Customs Administration said that women working in customs , they can not wear Hijab while doing their work, thereby supporting the Customs director who issued the ban, according to the newspaper sunrise confirmed Tuesday.The newspaper published parts of the minister’s response to a question about Deputy Director of Customs opposed the decision to prevent customs worker to wear it with the Constitution, which stipulates that “Islam is the state religion.”The decision fanfare and has many of the House of Representatives under the guidance written questions to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister.Even the Union of Algerian women, who does not have an Islamic orientation and president Nawara Hvsa do not wear the hijab calls Customs Director  “light head covering” The body of the veiled because it “falls within the personal freedoms of the employees.”He criticized the Religious Affairs Minister Mohammed Issa known decision customs administration as a “null and void”.He said that “the right to wear the customs law and morals in Algeria freedom veil,” as quoted by the media.

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