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The holy Month of Ramadhan according to the prophet of Islam (PBUH) – (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – O’ People, your lives depend on your deeds, so by asking forgiveness from Allah (SWT), free yourselves from sins. Your backs are heavy because of the weight of your sins, so by lengthy prostrations (Sijdah), make them light, and know that God has sworn to Divine Glory, not to punish those who perform Salaat, and prostrate to God, and save them from the fire on the Day of Judgment.

O’ People, Any one of you who provides Iftar for a believer who is fasting will have the reward of freeing a slave and forgiveness of the past sins. Some of the companions said: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), we are not able to do so. The Prophet (PBUH) replied: Avoid the hell fire by feeding those who fast, even if it is equal to half a date, or one sip of water.

O’ people, whoever adopts good morality in this month (Ramadhan), will pass the path (in the hereafter) easily; the day when all the steps are shaky. Whoever makes it easy for his/her slaves and employees in this month, God will make it easy for him/her on the Day of Judgment. Whoever avoids bothering people, God will not get angry with him/her on the Day of Judgment. Whoever shows respect and consideration towards a fatherless orphan, God will honour him/her on the Day of Judgment.

Whoever establishes connection with family/relatives, God will connect him/her to Divine Mercy; and whoever cuts connection with family/relatives, God will cut Divine Mercy from such a person. Whoever performs recommended (Mostahab) Salaats in this month (Ramadhan), God will save him/her from the hell fire; and the one who performs obligatory (Wajib) Salaats, God’s rewards will be 70 times more than other months. Whoever sends lots of Salawats to me (praise and blessings of God to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH))), Allah (SWT) will make heavy the weight of his/her good deeds.

The one, who recites one Ayah from the holy Quran, will have the reward of a person who recites the whole Quran in other months. O’ people, the doors of heaven are open in this month, request your God not to close them on you; and the doors of hell are closed in this month, ask God not to open them on you. The Satans are in chains in this month, request God to deny them dominating you. Imam Ali (AS) said: In this situation, I stood up and asked: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), what is the best deed in this month? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: O’ Abol Hassan, the best deed in this month is to avoid what is forbidden (Moharramat) [1]

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 96, Page 157; Wasaelul Shia, Ketab-e-Roozeh.

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