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The importance of Fajr Salaat according to Imam Sadeq (AS)

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who told Ishaq Ibn Ammar: When a servant of God performs the Fajr (Dawn) Salaat, it is registered twice; both the angels of the night and the angels of the day register it [1]. Therefore, if the importance of Fajr Salaat is understood, a believer does not allow himself/herself to miss it. If any person wishes that his/her Fajr Salaat is witnessed by both the night and the day angels, must perform it on time at the start of Fajr (Dawn), this way a person’s Fajr Salaat is registered by those angels.

[1] Alkafi, (Al-Islamiyeh), Vol. 3, Page 283.

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