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The ISIS terrorist group has executed 3070 people in Syria

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SHAFAQNA- The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that the Takfiri terrorist group, ISIS, has executed 3070 people over the past four years in the country.

These people have been executed by the terrorist group in different areas of Syria since June 29th, 2014, according to the human rights monitoring agency, which is affiliated with the Syrian opposition.

Among those who were executed were 126 children, 175 women, 428 armed and former members as well as Kurdish forces and 586 defectors, Irna reported.

The remnants of the terrorist group are still operating in some parts of Syria and keep launching indiscriminate attacks.

Recently, 10 members of Daesh terrorists put up the flag of the Takfiri group over a building in the Syrian city of Raqqa and clashed with the Syrian Kurds.

Two Daesh members were killed and four others were arrested in the clashes.

This is the first time Daesh has shown up in the Syrian city since Raqqa was cleansed of the remnants of terrorists.

About 1,000 to 1,500 Daesh terrorists are believed to be still scattered across different parts of Syria.


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