The Islamic Movement in Nigeria Condemns the Terrorist Attacks in Tehran

SHAFAQNA – The following is a press release made available to Shafaqna News Association by The Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

The day 08/06/17 was another sad day in the comity of nations, when some unscrupulous people staged a terrorist attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran, killing a dozen people and injuring many. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria deeply feels the sorrow inflicted on the Iranian nation in particular and the world in general. We strongly condemn it in the strongest terms as it smacks of mischief from other antagonistic foreign powers in the region and beyond.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has all along been against any form of terrorism be it from individuals, groups or nation states. It is even more reprehensible if it is against a peace loving nation like Iran that has consistently been in support of justice against injustice and oppression worldwide. It is with this in mind that we reject the twitter comments made by the American President Mr. Trump on the twin Tehran attack. It beats imagination that the Mr. Trump will end up blaming the victim on these senseless terrorist attacks.

Our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky has been in the forefront denouncing terror attacks, drawing the attention of the world that it is an exercise meant to tarnish the good teachings of Islam in the eyes of the world. Islam has never preached violence and will never condone it.

We will like to use this opportunity to commiserate with the leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei on this unfortunate incident that happened in the glorious month of Ramadan, which is the first of its kind of recent in Iranian soil that was claimed by the so called terrorist organization ISIS.
IMN is solidly behind you in your hour of need with prayers to the Almighty Allah to expose the treacherous elements that plotted this evil plot. May Allah accept the martyrdom of those killed in the vicious attacks.

As for the perpetrators of this heinous crime and their sponsors, we remind them of history. Evil has never triumphed on the truth. Killing innocent lives will not in any way further whatever belief system they profess, it will rather hasten its downfall. We believe they are on the downside of history, and time will soon tell.


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