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The Israeli regime is trying to secure itself from some regional dangers including Iran-Interview

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SHAFAQNA- “By the end of this year, we will witness the recognition of  regime of Israel in the region by Arab states,”  Dr. Kiomars Yazdanpanah predicted. 

The faculty member of the University of Tehran, analyzing the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Oman, predicted that by the end of this year, we will see the recognition of this regime in the region by Arab countries. He underlined that this symbolic journey was the beginning of different Israeli movements in the Arab region of the Middle East, which could secure itself from some of the dangers, and could also involve Islamic Republic of Iran in issues belong to these areas.

Speaking with Shafaqna, Dr. Kiomars Yazdanpanah, believes that the number of 37 countries that did not recognize Israel would reach less than thirty countries by the end of this year or half of the coming year, adding that the Arab states of the Middle East region are leading this event. The Israelis have put this on the agenda, given the policies they have taken to convince the Islamic countries to be recognized. The Israeli leaders mostly focused on the Oman Sea region, centered on the Oman.

The professor of geopolitics stated that “The next issue is related to the change in the Yemeni war equation for Saudi Arabia, since the Omani state is the only country giving help and ways to war torn Yemen. The Israelis are trying to limit the Yemen paths by counseling and convincing the Omani leaders to surrender Yemen to the war with Saudi Arabia”.

Referring to Netanyahu’s trip just one day after Mahmoud Abbas’s trip to Oman, Yazdanpanah stressed that “It also seems that the Israelis have come to Oman in order to find help and wants Omanis mediate the hard disagreements between the leaders of the independent Palestinian state and Israel”.

Israelis attempt at every opportunity to change the security balance of the region, Yazdanpanah pointed out, adding that “in fact this is one of the scenarios and strategies of Israel. Accordingly, more improvement in Israel’s relationship with Persian Gulf countries, results in achieving more goals by Israel”.

He emphasized that, at any rate, we must admit that Israel is the geopolitical arm of the United States in the Middle East and, is the executor of the US policy in the region, stressing that “This symbolic journey, is the beginning of the different Israeli movements in Arabic region of Middle East, which could secure itself from some of the dangers, and could also involve Islamic Republic of Iran in issues belong to these areas”.

“By increasing the influence of Iran in Syria and Iran’s access to the borders of Israel in Syria, the Israelis have been at risk for more than five years. As a result, they try to design a policy to change the focus into other areas that will involve Iran’s minds in less important areas. So Iran’s influence in Syria could be minimized and the Israelis can open their breathing space,” Yazdanpanah concluded.


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