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The Last recommendations of Imam Ali (AS) (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – Do not forget your family and relatives; maintain ties with them because maintaining ties with them make the account of the human being easier with God. For the sake of God, for the sake of God, regarding the orphans, never let them be hungry or without guardians. For the sake of God, for the sake of God about the neighbours, behave nicely towards them; the Prophet (PBUH) used to remind us so much about the neighbours that we thought he wanted them to share in the inheritance (with us).

Fear God, fear God about Zakat of the wealth as Zakat extinguishes Divine Anger. Fear God, fear God about the Ummah of your Prophet (PBUH,) do not let them to be oppressed. Fear God, fear God about companions and helpers of your Prophet (PBUH) because the Prophet of Allah (SWT) recommended support for them. Fear God, fear God about the poor and the needy, share your life with them. Fear God, fear God, about slaves whom the last recommendation of the Prophet (PBUH) was for them.

Behave nicely towards people as instructed by the Quran and do not pursue the reproach of others. Do not abandon encouraging others to do good and stopping them doing bad, otherwise the bad people will dominate you and oppress you, and as a consequence, the prayers of your good people will not be accepted. Your are recommended to strengthen your friendly ties among yourselves, be kind to each other, avoid cutting ties, dissension and dispersion.

Do good deeds with the help of each other and in groups and do not take part in sins and acts which cause enmity. Fear God, fear God about Jihad in the way of Allah (SWT), do not hesitate to offer your lives and wealth in this way. Engage in deeds that will attract God’s satisfaction. Fear God as Divine Punishment is severe.

It is mentioned in Nahjul Balaghah that at the end of his will, Imam Ali (AS) addressed his children and said: I will leave you in the protection of God, I pray that God guides you to the right path and protects you from the enemies, God is enough for protecting you and I, and for Caliphate and triumph. Then, Imam Ali (AS) greeted the angels of God and said: For such a position, those who want to reach it, they must act, because Allah (SWT) is with pious people and doers of good deeds.

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