The Life of Imam Ali – Period of Three Caliphs – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

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  1. Safa says:

    Why the bloody hell would you have Nakshawani’s vid on your site? The man is a Shia and he’s promoting Shia propaganda. This is not the first time that I find Shia content on your website and I think you need to wake up and realise that your editors are pushing this kind of dangerous narrative. Interfaith dialogue is fine but don’t push it. lately it’s only been about Christmas and negative reports on Wahhabism. I’m not happy and if you don’t stop all you will be left with are Shia readers.
    Nakshawani is dangerous. A lot of people follow him, especially men. Can’t you see his has tattoos?! Since when can you have an imam with tattoos? And why is he wearing a suit in the video?
    Also you are publishing many well-known Shia writers on your site. Like this woman, I can’t remember her name but she has blue eyes and she doesn’t look like a real Muslim.

  2. Anonymous Shia says:

    Dear Safa
    I’m not quite sure if you are male or female but I’m got take a leap and assume you’re a dude. I realise how confuse you must be to stumble on Shafaqna only to find that the site is in fact discussing and covering issues related to Shia Islam. I would kindly direct your eyes to the top of the website where you will read: Shia News Association.
    Now that we cleared this up you will I’m sure understand why we have Shia writers and Shia scholars and in the case of Dr Nakshawani, Shia lecturers on the site …. It’s kind of the point.
    But of course I can understand it is not your cup of tea. I understand that talking about Al Muhammad can be distressing for some …
    As for the blue-eyed writer …. What can I say! Don’t read her anymore. If she bothers you so much the best thing to do would be NOT to read her article and maybe spend less time worrying about what she looks like. What does a Muslim woman looks like? Do they wear a beard? Do they have a special birth mark on their forehead?
    Enlighten us dear Safa for we are lost!
    As for the imam and the tattoos …. REALLY?!!! Us Shia must be so completely off our meds that we must have missed the tattoos on Dr Nakshawani. But then again, he’s not an imam so whatever point u think ur making actually you’re NOT.
    If you don’t like him … cause u know he influences “men” (not sure I follow your train of thoughts here. But then again we are not standing at the same station so …) don’t listen to him!
    Actually I’ll do you one better: whenever u catch a glance of the infamous tattoos run darling. Run and take cover. And for the love of God put some cotton in your ears cause you might learn something and THAT would be really really bad.
    Us Shia are such a terrible people. We base our debates on History and reason. SHAME ON US.
    So my dear dear Safa whatever and whoever you may be, I wish you all the blessings in the world. I say onto you: Peace. I say onto you: Patience and Wisdom in your search for the Truth.
    Maybe one day you will come back to Shafaqna and realise that in between you and I, stands only Al Muhammad. Maybe one day you will realise that there is worse place to be but behind our imams.

  3. Safa says:

    What a stupid answer! I’m a girl by the way. As a Saudi woman I can tell you that I feel disrespected. I can read! I’m not an idiot. I knew Shafaqna was a Shia website. My question was: “why would you want to be Shia when you can be normal?”
    There is nothing normal about your religion. It’s not even Islamic so why so you continue to argue Islam with us when clearly we know the Quran better than you do. Nowhere in the Quran does the Prophet mentions your imams. Nowhere in the Quran does anyone mention Ali, or Hussain or whoever.
    What I was trying to do is save you from your ignorance. We have in Saudi Arabia very wise scholars and you should listen to them and reform. You should not bring your tattooed idiots and make people believe twisted practices.
    And if I want to continue reading your news I will and you can’t stop me.
    I only want to help. Maybe if you were smart you would let me. Anyone who defends Shafaqna the way you did is stupid. And clearly you are a stupid person.
    So I do not accept your salam because I am a woman and that’s rude of you to assume you can talk to me like this.

  4. Safa says:

    You are all sick in the head. Your cleric is famous for being a fraud. We all know about him, we all know about what all of you are doing outside of Islam. You are disgusting making the forbidden allowed and the allowed forbidden. One day we will expose you for what you are and you will not see us coming.
    That is a promise.
    If you follow this dog then it makes you all dogs.


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