The message of Imam Hussain’s (AS) movement (Part Two)


If human being deviates in moral issues or blocks the way for others, in fact has wronged himself and this needs a separate discussion. Therefore, if the meaning of the justice is that everything must be in its right place, then the place or source of everything must be learned (sought) from the creator of that thing. Islam has views and opinions regarding local laws, regional laws, international laws, for its own regions, for Muslims and non-Muslims.

These laws have been defined in sections about the existence and the knowledge in the holy Quran. Imam Hussain (AS) started his movement for the same reason and said: Can’t you see that they (Omayyads) either do not understand the truth or interpret it according to their own desires? And this means to imprison the religion.

Abu Reyhan Birooni, who is a great scholar in his research of “Maalel Hendash” narrated: In the year 53 AH, after conquering the idol worshippers regions, Moawiyeh who brought the idols which were decorated with gems to Shaam (Damascus) from the West, then sent them (the idols) to the idol worshipping rulers of India by sea and in ships.

The idol worshippers’ rulers of India used to buy them for expensive prices. As an Islamic Caliph and as a successor to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Moawiyeh sold these idols to earn money. Now, he is the Caliph of Muslims and he earns money by the way of promoting idol worshipping. This was in the year 53 AH and the uprising by Imam Hussain (AS) was in the year 60 and 61 AH.

Translation of the speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in Amol on 01/02/2005.

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