The Mona Relief Organization beats the Saudi blockade once again!


SHAFAQNA – Thanks to the generosity of its donors – the public – the Mona Relief Organization managed to distribute a whooping 35,000 meals to families across northern Yemen, in those areas the Saudi -coalitions targeted most.

But organizing humanitarian aid in Yemen is not an easy affair, especially when Riyadh pretty much made it a rule that aid workers be targeted, on account they offer civilian populations hope.

But those tales of resistance have seldom made it passed the thick media blockade oil-rich nations have imposed on the West to the tune of their billions of petro-dollars.

Few lines have been spared so far to honor Yemen’s Resistance movement, fewer still have been reserved to those activists whose lives have been spent in service of their country – not for the promise of recognition but a sense of national duty.

In the devastating landscape of Yemen, the Mona Relief Organization is stubbornly shining a light – determined to answer the evil of war with solidarity. Backed by a dedicated team of volunteers, this one independent NGO is making a name for itself … so much so that local media could not help but notice the change it managed to manifest on the ground.

But for all its heart and dedication the Mona Relief Organization needs your help. If not for your donations this charity would not be able to defy Riyadh’s immoral and unlawful blockade.

And if not for your kindness more lives will be lost.

So once more we call on you to act on behalf of the helpless.

Help #SaveALifeInYemen, join the movement against hunger!

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