The most dangerous and best places on earth

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: The most dangerous place on the earth is the market (trading place), the place for Satans. Every morning the Satan raises its flag in the market, sits on its chair and distributes its children in there in order to deceive people to temper with measurements and lie to each other. Satan will tell its children: Your father is alive and it is your duty to deceive those whose father {Prophet Adam (AS)] is dead. Therefore, Satan is with the first person who enters the Market and leaves with the last person. The best place on the earth with God is the Mosque and the most popular person with God is the one who goes to Mosque first and comes out late [1].

[1] Man La Yahzarahol Faqih, Vol. 3, Page 124, Hadith Number 1.

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