The most important effect of generosity

SHAFAQNA – Ayah 265 of Surah Al-Baqarah says: Those who spend their wealth for the satisfaction of Allah (SWT) and to stabilise their souls are like a garden full of trees situated on a top of a hill that if a rainstorm hits it, its produce will be doubled and even if a rainstorm does not hit it, a drizzle is enough for it. God is observant of anything you do.

In this Ayah, Allah (SWT) introduces generosity as a factor for removing fear of the future and sadness about the past and a factor which will lead to peace and tranquility. Therefore, one of the most important effects of generosity in the world is connected to the peace of mind (tranquility of soul) and stabilisation of personality; meaning no event or storm will be able to move and uproot a person who has reached a stable personality and tranquility of soul through being generous.

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