The most powerful passports in the world

SHAFAQNA – According to GoEuro, As any avid traveller knows, passports are the key to adventures. Passports are the ultimate “don’t leave home without it” item, but the nationality of your passport can have a major effect on your travel plans and time abroad.

To clue you in on the effects your passport can have, GoEuro has undertaken the task of analysing passports from 50 countries around the world to discover which nationalities’ passports are the most useful in making your way around the globe.

To determine which factors we would use in ranking these passports we commissioned a poll to find out what contributes to a passport’s power.

We ranked the passports based on visa free access* as well as various other factors. The ability of a citizen to obtain a passport is a key point when considering the passport value, which is why we also factored in data such as pricing, length of validity**, and the amount of hours a citizen must work to obtain their passport***. All factors were weighted and scored to produce the ultimate passport ranking.****


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