The name “Reza” was chosen by God for the 8th Imam

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – It has been mentioned in the book of Oyoun-e-Akhbar-ul-Reza from Bezenty who said: I told Imam Jawaad (AS); some who oppose you, believe that the nickname “Reza” was given to your father by Ma’amoon (the Caliph of the time) because your father agreed to become his crown prince. Imam Jawaad (AS) replied: Swear to God, they have lied and did wrong.

The Almighty called him Reza because Allah (SWT) in the skies and the Prophet (PBUH) and all the infallibles on the earth are satisfied with him. I asked again: Why is it that just your father amongst the infallibles is called Reza? Imam Jawaad (AS) replied: Because those who opposed him admired him as well as, his friends, his followers and his companions. None of his infallible predecessors had been in such a position and that is why amongst Imams, he is the only one who has been called “Reza”.

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