The night of rewards

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: The night of Fitr which is called the night of rewards (last night of Ramadhan and the night before Eid), Allah (SWT) will reward greatly all those who fasted and acted on the instructions of the holy month. Then on the morning of Eid, the angels will be sent to say in a language that humans and Jinns cannot hear: O’ the nation of Mohammad (PBUH), come out to your God so that you are awarded greatly and your sins are forgiven.

When people are going towards Salaat Fitr, God will tell the angels: What is the reward of the one who completed his/her work? The angels will reply: O’ our God, the reward is with God Who will grant greatly. God will say: Be witness that the rewards of those who fasted and stood to prayers are My satisfaction and forgiveness. God will say: O’ my servants, ask Me, I swear to my magnificence and glory that I will grant anything you wish for this world and hereafter and will not shame you amongst in hellfire. Return to your homes that you are forgiven, you satisfied Me and I am satisfied with you. The angels will be happy at this time and will congratulate each other for all those blessings granted to the people at the time of their Iftars [1].

[1] Amaali, Sheikh Mofeed, Vol. 1, Page 232, Majlis 27.

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