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The picture which shames Europe – Any humanity left in the Old Continent?


SHAFAQNA  – How far has humanity fallen when only absolute misery an desperation seem to yank us out of our self-induced egocentric trance? This March, one picture seems to have moved even the most politically battered hearts and minds. Before the sight of humanity’s most fragile life, before the destitution of one new-born baby being washed outside in the biting cold of winter, the world eventually mastered a heartbeat.

A report from the Guardian read: “The Greek minister for refugees has vowed to move people from a squalid camp on the Macedonian border within a week, as a photo emerged of a baby who had been born in one of the crowded tents. The arresting image showed the infant being washed with a bottle of water over bare earth outside the makeshift dwellings at the Idomeni refugee camp, where more than 12,000 people are living in deteriorating conditions in the hope of crossing the Greek border.”

“Deteriorating” does not even begin to cut it. Tens of thousands of people have lived like cage animals, denied dignity and compassion. Never mind poor humanitarian conditions … what has happened to Society as a whole that we have allowed for our officials, and state representatives to trade human misery for political points?

Refugees have been used and abused … their pain, and their suffering have been wielded as political weapons — weapons of mass-hysteria, and mass-hate. Tragedies have been exploited to feed an ethno-centric and elitist agenda. To hell with humanity , to hell with our souls!

What about doing the right thing? What about offering those who have suffered the evil of war some respite? Can we please remember that we all stand to lose everything to the madness of military expansionism? Can we remember that War could befall us tomorrow, and that a little empathy could actually prevent such tragedy to come to pass?

Demagoguery you say? No, I’d like to think I have a heartbeat left in me, and a soul to guide me.

In all fairness Greece should not bear the brunt of this crisis on its own. That being said help should not be contingent to political favours, and financial incentives. Somewhere behind the political labels, the religious denominations and nationalities, I’m hoping there are still people.

Forget politics for a second! Forget the engineered threat of Islamization, and the warnings of invasion, and look at what War has already cost you as human beings – do you recognize yourself in the demonization of minorities. do you feel safer when hate stands erect in between you and people?

Do you feel proud when millions are dying at your doors, fleeing a war your tax dollars helped funded?

Do you still claim to the moral high ground?  I don’t! I’m horrified at our failures. I’m horrified at the state of our institutions, and our moral compass. We become the worst version of ourselves when we deny those most vulnerable shelter and safety from harm.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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