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The political re-engagement of Canterbury? Church of England slams political class, calls for “fresh moral”

SHAFAQNA – Breaking it usual silence on political issues, the Church of England this Tuesday published a statement in which it directly and most virulently criticizes Britain’s political culture.

In an open letter, the Church’s bishops denounced politicians for perverting democracy and enticing violence while failing to offer any meaningful solutions to society.

They unanimously called for “a fresh moral vision of the kind of country we want to be.”

Such a scathing critic of politicians comes ahead of the general election, a clear signal said analysts that the Church of England wants to re-assert its position within Britain.

In the letter, the Church defends its right to enter the political arena and regulate the dynamics in between the politics and the religious. “It is not possible to separate the way a person perceives his or her place in the created order from their beliefs, religious or otherwise, about how the world’s affairs ought to be arranged. The claim that religion and political life must be kept separate is, in any case, frequently disingenuous – most politicians and pundits are happy enough for the churches to speak on political issues so long as the church agrees with their particular line,” the statement read.

It went on, “There is a deep contradiction in the attitudes of a society which celebrates equality in principle yet treats some people, especially the poor and vulnerable, as unwanted, unvalued and unnoticed,” the bishops write, clearly referencing towards politicians’ cavalier attitude towards Britain’s most vulnerable.

While many conservatives welcomed the move, those factions in favor of a more secular Britain warned such an intervention is neither welcomed nor warranted.

Church officials have so far failed to further comment on the motivations behind their open letter, leaving all to speculate on whether or not religious figureheads will attempt to have a greater sway onto politics.

Pro-seculars have however underlined that they are keen not to return to a situation where, like in past history, the Church of England would pull the reins of powers and dictate state policies.

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