The position of Lady Khadijah (AS) according to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA – Anas ibn Malik narrated from the Prophet of Islam who said: The best women of the world are, Maryam bint (the daughter of) Imran, Asiyah bint Mozahem, Khadijah bint Khowailed and Fatima bint Mohammad (PBUH) [1]. In Sahihayn, it is narrated from Aishah who said:  The Prophet (PBUH) gave the glad tidings of a house in paradise to (Lady) Khadijah (AS) which there is no loud noises, no sufferings nor any inconveniences in there [2].

[1] Asadul Qabeh, Vol. 5, Page 437.

[2] Al- Asabah, Vol. 4, Page 282 and Asadul Qabeh, Vol. 5, Page 438.

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