The proper way to repent

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) saw a man saying: “Astaqferullah”, meaning I repent to Allah (SWT). Imam (AS) told that man: Do you know what is repentance? Then Imam Ali (AS) explained to him the conditions: Firstly you need to sincerely regret your past bad deeds; secondly, you need to decide not to go back to your past bad deeds. Thirdly, If someone’s right is with you (for instance, if you borrowed money which you have not paid back  or have taken things from people by force) must be paid back; fourthly, if God’s right is on you (for example, the Salaats you have not performed or similar cases), need to be sorted out in the right ways, then after all these you must say “Astaqferullah” [1].

Nahjul balaghah (Dashti), Wisdom Number 417.

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