The prophets of Allah (SWT)

SHAFAQNA – Kolayni narrated a divine Hadith: A man from Bani Israel prayed and called God for 40 nights but his prayers were not accepted. He came to Prophet Jesus (AS) and complained that his prayers were not accepted and asked Jesus (AS) to pray for him. Jesus (AS) called on Allah (SWT) and God revealed to Jesus (AS): O’ Jesus (AS), that man entered from a door that was not given to him, he calls me but he has a doubt in his heart about you, therefore if he calls me till his head falls or his nails and finger tips are fallen, his prayers will not be accepted [1].

[1] Translated from Sokhane Khoda (collection of divine narrations) by Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Pages 133-134.

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