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The Prophet’s (PBUH) kindness towards non-Muslims

SHAFAQNA – The Islamic army was victorious in the War of Khaybar and many non-Muslims were captured as prisoners. Safiyyeh the daughter of the famous Jewish scholar was one of the prisoners. Belal the close companion of the Prophet (PBUH) took Safiyyeh and another woman through the route near the corps of their dead ones. When the women saw the scene, they started weeping and scratching their faces. When the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) saw the women in Medina, asked them about the scratches on their faces and they explained what happened.
The Prophet (PBUH) blamed Belal and told him: Have you no kindness that you moved these ladies near the corps of their dead ones? O’ Belal, you did a cruel act. This shows clearly that Islam is the religion of kindness to the extent that even in the war with enemies, those who are left behind and the prisoners should not be taken by the corps of their dead ones [1].

[1] Seerah Ibn Hisham, Vol. 3, page 350.

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