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Reasons of the deplorable situation in Iraq according to The Supreme Religious Authority

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SHAFAQNA- Alkafeel: The Supreme Religious Authority stated that the absence of the elements of successful professional performance is one of the reasons of the deplorable situation in Iraq.

This was the important point stated in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 1st of Rabi’ Awwal 1440 AH, corresponding to November 9, 2018 held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala’i, in which he stated:
We will discuss an important topic: What are the elements of successful professional performance and its role in the life of the individual and society?
Whether you are a politician, a minister, judge, teacher, doctor, or an ordinary employee. We all are assigned by a special mission or professions. So what are the factors that will make us succeed in the performance of this task, and reach the life’s goals?
In fact, the absence of the elements of successful professional performance is one of the reasons of the deplorable situation in Iraq.
The professional performance is considered to be an essential component that makes man succeed in achieving his goals in life. On the other hand, the reluctance to works, laziness, laxity and neglect are the main causes of failure in life.
The professional performance is then an important human principle that is related to other principles through which the person can protect his dignity and gains respect of others in the society.
And Islam has emphasized on this point. And we will explain this on the following two points:
First: Islam has urged a lot on working, on being active and having high spirit to perform the life’s tasks. At the same time, Islam has warned against the abstinence from work and laziness and showed the negative results of it.
The Almighty says: {It is He Who has made the earth manageable for you, so traverse ye through its tracts and enjoy of the Sustenance which He furnishes: but unto Him is the Resurrection.} (67:15) So The Almighty has made the world for us so we should be active and work and perform our duties. In another verse: {And say, “Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers.} (9:105). So the deeds, whether worship or reform acts, are beneficial and therefore controlled by Allah, the Messenger and the believers.
And the Holy Hadith also states: “Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one’s own hands.” At the same time, Islam fights against laxity, laziness, procrastination and negligence in the work and duty assigned to the person. The Holy Prophet (Allah’s prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) has also said: “My greatest worry on my Ummah is the large stomach and continuity of sleep and laziness.”
Islam considers work as a worship act so the believers work hard to feed his children, and this would make him have more reward than someone who only perform worship acts, and lot more if the worshipper is a lazy person.
Second: We read in the biography of prophets and imams (peace be upon them) that they were working, whether in agriculture or as shepherds in order to serve as role models for us in the love and respect of work.
After this introduction, we will show the factors of the successful professional performance regardless of the job’s title.
These factors are:
– Feeling the importance, sanctity and role of the work in the society and its development.
– Extracting the treasures of science that contribute to the development of society and preserving the dignity and pride of the society.
– The nature of laws, legislation and political system of the society: As long as the political regime is characterized by respect for the professional performance and is keen to enact legislation, laws and instructions that preserve the important role of the job performance in the community, as this will be reflected in the improvement of its functional activity.
Unfortunately, our Iraqi society has lost many of the basic principles and values of functional and professional success, which has led to the great decline in the level of public services, and also to backwardness and regression. This country has not been able to achieve self-sufficiency despite its great resources and potential, but has become dependent on others even in the most basic matters and life needs.
God willing, we will continue talking in the coming sermons, about the important factors which are essential to the development and prosperity of our society.
We ask the Almighty Allah to bestow upon us success to what pleases Him. And the last of our prayers is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Allah’s prayers and peace be upon Mohammad and upon his pure and virtuous lineage.

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