The recommendations of Imam Ali (AS) to his eldest son

SHAFAQNA – In some part of his will, Imam Ali (AS) recommended to his eldest son Imam Hassan (AS): O’ my child, I recommend that you be pious and fear God, always be under God’s command and keep alive your heart by remembering the Almighty and maintain your connection with Allah (SWT) because what other tool is safer than having connection with God?
O’ my child, awaken your heart with good advice; control your desires with piety; strengthen your soul and body with certainty and illuminate them with wisdom, calm them down by remembering death and that this life does not last, by reviewing unpleasant events inform them and frighten them about changes in life and uglinesses of day and night.
O’ my child, promote good deeds and be a doer of good, deny bad with your hand and tongue, try to stay away from bad doers; do your best in the way of God and never let others taunts prevent you from your endeavours in the way of Allah (SWT) [1].
[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Letter Number 31.

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