The rewards for piety and patience in the way of God


SHAFAQNA – There is a sentence at the end of Ayah 90 of Surah Yusuf which describes the Divine Tradition in an excellent way; and the sentence says: “Allah (SWT) will never allow the rewards of the pious and patience person to be lost.” In this Ayah, Allah (SWT) concluded: The result of this story is one thing and that is “piety and patience are beautiful against immorality; to oneself and also to society; and Allah (SWT) will not allow the good deeds of God’s servants to be wasted; (God) will accept them (the good deeds) and will nurture them and will return them to the doer of good deeds. In Ayah 7 of Surah Al-Qasas, God said: We took Moses from his mother, nurtured him, appointed him a prophet, and returned him to his mother. God will nurture the good deed, even if the good deed is done in hiding [1]. O’ the One who reveals the good deeds (Mafatih, Baqiat Salehat).

[1] Official Site of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli (


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