The rights of children on parents in Islam

SHAFAQNA – There are various verses of the holy Quran which mention about the rights of children of which some main ones are outlined below.
1. Mother’s duty to breastfeed a child to the age of 2 (Ayah 233/Surah Al-Baqarah)
2. Saving children from physical and moral dangers (42/Al-Hood)
3. Friendly behaviour towards children in order that a child can talk to parents about anything including secrets (4/Al-Yusuf)
4. Providing facilities for child’s play and recreation (12/Al-Yusuf)
5. Having the right discipline at the time of carelessness by children (18 & 38/Al-Yusuf)
6. Accept children’s promises even when they have been careless before (14/Al-Yusuf)
7. Giving hope to children to solve problems (87/Al-Yusuf)
8. Ask God for forgiveness for children (97-98/Al-Yusuf)
9. Paying attention to the future and security of children (35/Al-Ibrahim)
10. Protecting the life of children and count as Haram killing them due to poverty (31/Al-Asra)
11. Pay attention to children performing Salaat (132/Al-Taha)
12. Consulting children and respecting their views (22-26/Al-Qesas)
13. Correcting and developing children’s belief (13/Al-Luqman)
14. Teaching them Sharia Laws (17/Al-Luqman)
15. Teaching them correct ethics (18-19/Al-Luqman)
16. Children are divine gifts and parents must give thanks to God for having them (49/Al-Shura)
17. Do not be excessively kind to children (9/Al-Monafeqoon)

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